Love the benefits of organic life.

Rael was established in 2016 with a vision to promote the health and well-being of our environment. Women are multifaceted, and with all the roles we take on, it is necessary to focus on putting ourselves first. At Rael, we believe that all women deserve to use products made with the highest quality ingredients. We use organic, non-toxic ingredients in our products to empower women to make safe choices for their bodies.

Why Rael

OCS Certified USDA Certified Non-GMO Cruelty-free Toxin-free Paraben-free Chemical-free

With Rael you not only get leak-free
confidence, but fewer cramps, and
no menstrual odor or irritation!

‘ I've tried several brands of natural/organic panty liners and these are by far the best I've used. While they are thin, they are still thick enough to prevent leakage. ’

- Beverly S. from San Francisco -

‘ First of all, They are organic cotton! They are safe for your body, NO chemicals what so ever! They are eco-friendly!Do yourself a favor and switch to Organic Cotton! ’

- DandeLion from New York -

‘ I like knowing these pads have a minimal man-made material and are organic, meaning: no pesticide residue near my body. Additionally, these fit well and are super absorbent. ’

- Adriana from Chicago -

‘ Life-changing!!! Once I switched, makes me want to let every woman know about these. Hopefully, your suffering will cease. ’

- Amazon Reviewer -

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