Winner Announcement: Can we have a drumroll please…

Congratulations to all our winners from the Rael Giveaway!


Thank you to everyone who entered and have been waiting patiently for the big reveal. We appreciate all of your support along the way!

Once again the prizes of the giveaway were:

  1. 1st Prize: MacBook Air (1 winner)
  2. 2nd Prize: Ipad (2 winners)
  3. 3rd Prize: Rael Assortment Gift Pack (3 winners)
  4. 4th Prize: Rael Panty Liner (4 winners)
  5. 5th Prize: 1 Rael Beauty Lab Facial Mask (Everybody!!!)

And the winners are.. A big congratulations to

  1. 1st Prize: - Andrea Rodriguez(WA)
  2. 2nd Prize: - Sarah Nguyen(MI) - Jane Smith(CA)
  3. 3rd Prize: - Kelly Denison(WA) - Lori Anderson(WI) - Rochelle Walters(OH)
  4. 4th Prize: - Diana Senn(NY) - Massiel Diaz(NY) - Elizabeth Boykewich(CA) - Tingquiao Chen(MI)

Thank you to all who entered and Happy Holidays!