A Word of Encouragement for all this Christmas Season

Christmas is just around the corner and as much as it is a time of presents, it can be a stressful season for many. At times things will not always go as planned and it can escalate into disappointment, lack of communication, and tiredness. The season of giving can be hard for most people and when it is hard and tiring it holds people back from giving with a joyful and happy heart. So, the next time you feel a wave of defeat as you are showering people with gifts and receiving none in return, pouring your heart out in a meal for others with lack of appreciation shown, stuck in traffic, or see the electricity bill for December remember the joy that comes with giving and have a heart of understanding for what it mean to celebrate this season. That may be easier said than done but if you are going to get through the season discouraged there will be more reasons to feel bitterness. So, let's get through this season with cheerful hearts to give not because we have to, but because we want to. Let's all be encouraging to our friends and family this season! Happy Holidays!