1. How much can Rael pads absorb?

2. How long are the pads and liners?

3. How do Rael pads and liners compare to other conventional brands?

4. What causes period blood to smell unpleasant?

5. How safe is Rael?

6. Can I customize my subscription?

7. Where are Rael products made?



1. What is your shipping policy?

2. Where do you ship?

3. How does the subscription process work?

4. Will my subscription be renewed automatically after I sign up?

5. Can I make changes in my subscription?

6. When do I need to make changes to meet the deadline of my next subscription?

7. Can I put my subscription on hold?

8. How do I track my package?



1. Which forms of payment are acceptable?

2. What is the exchange/return policy?

3. How do I cancel my subscription?

4. When will my credit card be charged?

5. How do you keep my personal information secure?